Case Studies

Anti-Racism Training


An Irish university group found that their lecturers were witnessing incidents of racism and microaggression within the classroom setting and were keen to help their staff become better able to handle this behaviour.

PhoenixRize was tasked with providing these staff members with the practical tools to address these incidents with confidence.

Best Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultants

Inclusive Recruitment Practices Training


A state department became aware of a need to improve their inclusive recruitment practices to ensure a more equitable onboarding process.

PhoenixRize was tasked with working with the recruitment team to identify and develop best practices in inclusive recruitment. The training would also appraise recent recruitment campaigns.

Creating Inclusive Content Training


A national organization in the area of professional development within the arts and media sector wanted to provide training for practitioners within the field to help them create more inclusive content which would better reflect the diverse society found within Ireland today.

PhoenixRize was tasked with delivering practical training to these professionals which would broaden their understanding of diversity and inclusion and empower them to fulfil the demands of increasingly socially minded audiences.


Engaging Black People in Research-Consultancy


A national organisation in the area of health research established a need to engage more black people in Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in health research. They found that their existing approaches were not effective and wanted to discover how to rectify the situation so that their work would be more accessible, and of greater benefit, to black people in Irish society.

PhoenixRize provided a consultancy service to this client to help them identify the existing barriers to participation and to work around these to engage more black people in their work.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coaching


An entrepreneurial partnership within the crafting space who have established themselves as social media influencers identified a desire to use their digital platform and business to promote DEI practices. Although they possessed the desire to use their influence and business to exact change, they were aware that they didn’t have a roadmap or the existing skills to do so.

They approached PhoenixRize to help them achieve their aims through a monthly coaching programme.


Everything DiSC Facilitation


A national organisation in the area of professional development within the arts and media sector were seeking a solution which would allow their staff and industry associates to collaborate and work more effectively in diverse teams.