Anti-Racism Training


An Irish university group found that their lecturers were witnessing incidents of racism and microaggression within the classroom setting and were keen to help their staff become better able to handle this behaviour.

PhoenixRize was tasked with providing these staff members with the practical tools to address these incidents with confidence.


PhoenixRize developed a custom training programme for university staff on the topic of Anti-Racist and Inclusive Teaching. Through this practical training, staff were provided with a framework they could implement whenever racist incidents occurred in the educational setting, thereby empowering the teaching staff to become powerful advocates of equality instead of passive bystanders.


Attendees found the training very beneficial to their role as educators and expressed a desire for it to be made mandatory training for all staff across their organisation.

The lecturers gained the tools necessary to overcome incidents of racism, in addition to a greater understanding of their own power, influence, and privilege and how to harness it for the good of the staff, students, and wider organisation.