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Training and Education

Empower your team with the knowledge and skills that foster inclusive behaviours, interrupts bias and promotes allyship with our interactive virtual workshops.


Consulting & Coaching

Equip your organization with strategies that will help create a safe, fair and inclusive workplace culture for all through our DEI consulting and coaching solutions.


Organisational Assessments

Create impactful cultural change with our assessment tools and examine your organisation’s strengths and opportunity to reduce barriers to inclusion in the workplace.


Digital Content Membership

DEI is ever evolving and forward moving. Keep your organisation at the forefront with our plethora of tools and resources that help build brand trust.


Panels and Keynotes

Prioritize inclusive behaviour at your next meeting or event by booking our passionate and compelling CEO to share relevant message tailored to your organisation.

Wondering what approach works best for your organization? We’re happy to help. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation call with us to discuss your specific diversity, equity and inclusion consultants’ training needs.

Best Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultants
Diversity - Equity - Inclusion - Belonging

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultants Belonging


  • Expand your reach
  • Greater harmony and working relationships in your workplace
  • Cut down on staff turn over
  • Draw on new perspectives for greater innovation
  • Create a strong public brand renowned for inclusion
  • Legal compliance

Inspire Change and Growth

PhoenixRize provides customised solutions to help each client cultivate leaders who inspire inclusion, create teams that champion diversity, enhance creativity, and achieve greater results.

Best Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultants


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