Creating Inclusive Content Training


A national organisation in the area of professional development within the arts and media sector wanted to provide training for practitioners within the field to help them create more inclusive content which would better reflect the diverse society found within Ireland today.

PhoenixRize was tasked with delivering practical training to these professionals which would broaden their understanding of diversity and inclusion and empower them to fulfil the demands of increasingly socially minded audiences.


PhoenixRize developed a three-day intensive training programme which would provide participants with an introduction to the fundamentals of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices in the workplace, with a specific focus on the arts and media sector.

Given that this sector is quite unique it was very important that the unique concerns of this sector were explored from a DEI perspective. The pressing concerns presented by the current pandemic were also examined.

Ultimately, on completion of the training, attendees possessed the tools and a clear strategy to begin a DEI initiative within their own organisation or upcoming production.


Arts and media practitioners, who are often self-employed, or employed in small business, don’t always have access to employer delivered training in areas such as DEI. This training was instrumental in helping the attendees to understand the importance and benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion within this niche sector. Participants left feeling empowered to lead and manage projects with a greater focus on DEI and to develop a roster of content which is more representative of the diverse country we live and work in.