Inclusive Recruitment Practices Training


A state department became aware of a need to improve their inclusive recruitment practices to ensure a more equitable onboarding process.

PhoenixRize was tasked with working with the recruitment team to identify and develop best practices in inclusive recruitment. The training would also appraise recent recruitment campaigns.


PhoenixRize developed a custom training programme for this client which involved building recognition of best practices when writing role descriptions, person specifications and recruitment advertisements. This practical training helped participants understand what was lacking in their past efforts and was backed up by an appraisal of collateral which had been prepared for recent campaigns.

The training also focussed on being intentional about recruiting from diverse groups and techniques to increase diversity within their talent pool, which would then flow downstream over time.


The client was happy with the training as a greater understanding of where the team were going wrong was attained.

Attendees learned how to be more intentional in their inclusivity and developed a much keener awareness of the importance of language and how it is used when recruiting in an inclusive manner. Assumptions were uncovered and addressed so that the recruitment team could see how their existing practices could be improved upon.