Everything DiSC Facilitation


A national organisation in the area of professional development within the arts and media sector were seeking a solution which would allow their staff and industry associates to collaborate and work more effectively in diverse teams.


PhoenixRize, as a certified Everything DiSC facilitator, provided the client and their associates with access to the Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst tool. All participants took the online assessment which allowed them to discover their individual DiSC style and were provided with their profile which explains how their preferences tend to show up in the workplace. The insights help each individual understand themselves better, while when shared with colleagues, the insights allow everyone to appreciate their colleague’s individual characteristics which may differ considerably from their own.


The participants in the Everything DiSC Workplace tool gained an invaluable insight into their own mind and that of their colleagues. This created a space in which shared understanding can lead to lasting positive behavioural change and greater workplace harmony.