Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coaching


An entrepreneurial partnership within the crafting space who have established themselves as social media influencers identified a desire to use their digital platform and business to promote DEI practices. Although they possessed the desire to use their influence and business to exact change, they were aware that they didn’t have a roadmap or the existing skills to do so.

They approached PhoenixRize to help them achieve their aims through a monthly coaching programme.


PhoenixRize delivered a 6-month DEI coaching programme, one hour per month, to the client. At the outset, the client was asked to identify some goals they hoped to achieve through the coaching arrangement. The client identified 4 key goals and PhoenixRize devised the coaching programme to help them achieve their goals through upskilling, revising existing practices and becoming more conscious about daily habits.


Over the 6-month period, the clients grew in their confidence to act as DEI advocates and developed the skills and know-how to make their platform and business one which champions DEI through processes and procedures and in terms of the messages disseminated to their audience.

The client overhauled their website to reflect their DEI values and goals and now possess actionable strategies to make their goals a reality.