Our Team

Adaku Ezeudo 

Lead DEI Consultant & Trainer

Adaku is an award-winning diversity, equity and inclusion facilitator, educator and sought-after speaker who is on a mission to equip companies and organisations with the skills and know-how to empower diverse teams to perform at their best. Through her boutique consultancy firm, PhoenixRize, Adaku helps organisations to develop and implement successful diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and create inclusive workplaces so they can unlock the power of all the people in their organisation. With Master’s degrees in both business administration and development studies, in addition to a post graduate certificate in the area of Women, Gender & Social Justice, Adaku is uniquely positioned to merge business objectives with those of diversity, equity and inclusion. She has particular expertise in the area of intercultural relations, race relations and intersectionality and is passionate about helping leaders to develop their inclusive leadership skills for the benefit of their teams and organisations.

Tracey Hobbs 

Associate DEI Strategist

Tracey is our US-based Associate DEI strategist. Living and working in New York, Tracey is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she studied political science and criminal justice. She has worked with companies including MTV and CNN in Business Administration and Operation Management roles while developing her DEI expertise. Tracey has 12+ years of experience in Diversity and Inclusion and is now working to train institutional leaders on the ways to create a healthy, inclusive work environment.

She is motivated by wanting to increase representation in the tech and travel worlds by opening up the world of travel to those who believed they could never afford it or were nervous about travelling outside of the familiar due to concerns about exclusion.

Tracey works with PhoenixRize to continue to develop our suite of best-in-class services for the Irish market.

Suzanne May

Associate Research and Resource Development

A strategic communication expert, Suzanne has worked with PhoenixRize since 2016 as our associate research and resource development writer. With a degree in English and Sociology from Maynooth University, she understands the power of words and how they can be used to bring people together or to drive them apart. With an understanding of the sociology of equality, she puts her research and writing skills to work in PhoenixRize to ensure that the information we share originates from responsible, trustworthy sources and to create our suite of materials in a way that is engaging for the end-user, across all our client areas.

She is currently studying for MSc in Science & Health Communication through DCU. Prior to becoming a strategic communications writer, Suzanne spent 10 years working on the production side of the arts and media sector in Ireland.