PhoenixRize is a boutique Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultancy that helps employers harness the power of diversity, equity and inclusion to create dynamic workplaces where all employees are supported to thrive.
PhoenixRize was born out of the embers of a difficult beginning to our founder Adaku’s career here in Ireland. Although she arrived here as a qualified professional, she found it hard to get her foot on the career ladder.
As a woman of African descent living in Ireland, Adaku experienced racism first-hand. Although it was devastating personally and professionally, she turned her negative experiences into an opportunity to become a force for change by helping individuals and organisations understand  and leverage the power of diversity, equity and inclusion.


In starting PhoenixRize, her diversity and inclusion consultancy practice, she now helps organisations and the people within them understand
•Why Diversity, Equity & Inclusion matters,
•How it can help develop inclusive thinking and actions,
•How it can help drive collaboration and innovation, and
•How it can help create a sense of community within an organisation.


Leaders who want to exact positive change need to understand the other’s point of view. As a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant who has lived as the ‘other’, Adaku can crack open the lens on that which might otherwise remain elusive in the journey to achieving your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals – an insight into the perspective of under-represented communities.

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