Organisational Assessments

Our organisational assessments will help you take a step back to evaluate where your organisation is right now and where you want to go. We will support you in mapping out the best path to reach your desired goals.

Team Inclusion Portrait 

How well do you really know what your team members think? The Team Inclusion Portrait allows each team member to evaluate the culture of the team from their perspective. This assessment helps to paint an in-depth portrait of the overall sentiments of your team members. It focuses on three (3) areas: Peer-To-Peer Interaction, Peer-To-Management Interaction, and engagement with the work.

It can be used to assess:

  • The importance of diversity to your team members
  • The sense of belonging experienced by your team members
  • Team members’ perceptions of management

The results will help to identify if there are any distinct differences across demographics. If you are looking for areas in diversity, equity, and inclusion that you can improve on as a manager/ leader, this assessment will point you in the right direction.

Organisation Evaluation

The Organisation Evaluation is a deep-dive into the way current employees at all levels view the organisation based on policies, procedures, and standard practices. This can also be used as part of an exit-evaluation for departing employees.

This assessment allows organizational leaders to answer the following questions:

  • How do employees view the organisation?
  • What key factors are driving their overall outlook of the organisation?
  • Are there any areas that the organisation falls short of making the workplace diverse, equitable, and inclusive?

The follow-up of this evaluation is a vigorous analysis of organizational policies, standards, and procedures to ensure an equitable outcome for all.

Leadership Reflection

The Leadership Reflection is an opportunity for managers, executives, and leaders to honestly analyze the current state of their team/ department and assess their abilities to effectively lead their teams/ departments to inclusivity.

The assessment includes emphasis on the following areas:

  • Team demographic make-up
  • Team interaction
  • Leadership interaction with team

Student Campus Profile

How diverse is your campus? Are there equal opportunities for all students, regardless of background? Are students receiving adequate support in order to pass their courses?

These questions and more can be answered with the Student Campus Profile.

If you’re looking for ways to create an inclusive campus environment, this assessment will show you where to start.

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